My impossible project

Spring came late in 2013 arriving, it seemed to me, as I walked the footpath along┬áBurton Hills between Burton Upon Stather and Alkborough. A different native flower, plant or tree made me stop at almost every step. This Spring I had the time to really look in a way I don’t remember ever doing before. It was magical.

I set myself an impossible project: to photograph every type of plant (and animal) I saw along a one-mile stretch of the path. Here’s what I found.

Click on the small image to see a larger image, click again for the largest size.

footpath signfemale scorpion flycrosswort spikesbuttercup budsmass of black peacock caterpillars on nettlesdandelion headHerb Robert Elder leaf with flower budsdead pignut headdead pignut headHawthorn blossompignut and gorse flowers (with spider and fly)grass seedsribwort plantainsmall semi-transparent flynettle buds with small black insectswild honeysucklebud with blackfly larvae Ash tree leavesbeech leavesbeech treedandelion flowerdock with small insectred campionvery small white flowerground-ivyplantaingreen leaveswild cherry tree with fruitsgrassgrassleaf with dead seed headlily of the valleyRansoms - wild garlicbramble leavesribwort plantainpignut with flygreen leaveshawthorn blossomash-keysbuttercupdog rose budyoung birch treebrown-spideryoung copper beech treethistleyoung ivy leavespine tree with pine conesyoung cherry leavesnew oak apple gallyoung tree leavesyoung sycamore leavesdewy leavesforget me notoak leaves

bramble flower budsdog rose budwhite dead nettlegreen leavescommon nettlesycamore flower tasslecock's footgrassesyoung gorse bushgreen leaved plantrosebay willow herbthistlepignut seed headsgreater stitchwortspeedwellfly on bramble leafdried seed headshoneysuckle flowerspeedwell in grasspignut budspossibly wild sorreldried seed headsbluebottle on leafred campion and cow parsleydandelion clockblown dandelion clockscrane flies matinggreen cherriesdried leaffeatherclose up dandelion flowerunidentified green leaves and budshoverfly Syrphus ribesiihornet (vespa crabro)empid fly (empis tessellata)